Monthly Archive: January 2014

Lego Ghostbusters

Recently, the awesome Lego Simpsons House hit the stores, but I didn´t buy it. It is a great house, but pretty expensive. And I don´t like the Simpsons minifigs too much. Sure, they are...

Here come the dragons!

The other day i rifled through old building instructions and found the one of 6082 Fire Breathing Fortress from 1993. I immediately had to start building it and was lucky to find most of...

Unimog Timelapse

I made a short video of the Lego 8110 Unimog U400. It´s a timelpase recorded with an iPhone5 while I was trying to pick up some black bricks and load them on the truck.

Lego Wrecking Ball

We all have seen the scandalous, opinion-splitting, very famous and truly aestetic music-video of Miley Cyrus swinging naked on a wrecking ball. It´s nice, no doubt. But i see two ways to improve it:...

Hi guys!

      The vintage bike cop extends a warm welcome to my blog!