Lego Ghostbusters

Recently, the awesome Lego Simpsons House hit the stores, but I didn´t buy it. It is a great house, but pretty expensive. And I don´t like the Simpsons minifigs too much. Sure, they are a nice interpretation, and what always has been yellow is now still yellow, but I prefer minifigs with the traditional yellow cylindrical heads.
The Lego CUUSOO program is known for bringing user moc´s into production by voting on a website. This way, the “Back to the Future” DeLorean Time Machine with the Doc and Marty minifigs came to stores last year. I am a huge fan of the BTTF-movies (and i am really looking forward to purchase a Hoover Board next year, 2015) but i didn´t buy the set because i was not really glad with the design of the car. I think you don´t recognize the Lego car as a DeLorean.

But today i heard great news: The Lego CUUSOO program releases again a movie set, again it is a very famous car, but this time I am really enthusiastic about the design and I think I will purchase it when it comes to the stores, probably this fall:

The car of the Ghostbusters, known as ECTO-1


and of course it comes with 4 minifgs!


I love Bill Murray´s face!

(Pictures from the CUUSOO homepage


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