LEGO VW T1 variations

No doubt, the LEGO set 10220 VW T1 Camper is one of the greatest sets ever released, at least when it comes to scale models of real vehicles.

The 1962 Volkswagen Camper is an awesome piece of automotive history, and the conversion into a LEGO model couldn´t be better.

The interieur is very detailed, building it is a nice challenge!

Also, it´s nice to customize the VW. For example, by changing the frontwindow with the eyes of Lightning McQueen, the bus instantly becomes an inhabitant of Radiator Springs!

But there is more space for customization. The VW T1 wasn´t a camper or passengers car originally. It was built as a transporter, it was germany´s load ass No.1 in the 60ies and 70ies when it came to transporting anything. It was a wagon, it was a platform truck, it was a pickup…

… and it was a crew cab fire truck.
So I legolized it, and here is how I did it:

It is nothing more than a simple combination of the VW Camper with the LEGO 6752 Creator Firetruck, only a few additional parts where necessary to complete it.

Top view with removed roof and opened doors:

I added a fire extinguisher in the passengers footwell!

The ladder is almost originally from 6752, with minor changes at the lower end.

Hope you like it!





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