3152 Pieces of Awesomeness – The Super Star Destroyer

Finally, i got my hands on an example of the LEGO Star Wars 10221 Super Star Destroyer.

I can describe it with one word: exaggerated.
With an original length of 19 kilometers and a crew of more than 200,000 people on board, it is the Superlative of all spaceships in the Star Wars universe (assuming that the Death Star is not a ship but a space station. It´s definitily not a moon, by the way.)  These superlative dimensions are very well implemented in the LEGO modell: It contains 3152 parts, it´s 1,25m long and the huge formatted instruction book has more than 200 pages.

It is a state model, concipated for display, with very little moving or playable parts. Building it is quite a challenge, fortunately the building process is divided in seperate parts. Some sections are a little monoton and exhausting, but in total it is absolutely awesome and in the end you can only say: “Holy F***, did I just really build that huge thing?”

Watch the 4 minutes timelapse of me building it in 6 hours (of course in Full HD):



It is sooo long …

… that you can´t even see it´s end when standing at the front.

The details remind me of some micro-sets… in a maxi way.

Interesting facts printed on a display sign:

The set also contains 5 minifigs, i.a. the very rare figure of the Bountyhunter Boosk.

So huge, so awesome…


buy it here:


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