LEGO Shell controversy

A few weeks ago, a video went viral where an arctic LEGO world was flooded with mineral oil. It was posted by Greenpeace activist to draw attention on LEGO´s collaboration with Shell. The reproach was that LEGO´s good reputation should not be abused to improve Shell´s image by leading children to believe that Shell was something cool or nice. Shell is an oil company, oil companies are bad.

This inspired me to make a photo an post it on instagram, including a voting about the most evil character. The Joker, Darth Vader or the Shell chemist:

Who is the most evil character?

Who is the most evil character?

Unnecessary to say that everybody voted on the chemist.

The viral hype about the Greenpeace video was huge (the one about my instagram-posting not so…), and finally, a few days ago LEGO really announced not to renew the collaboration contract with Shell.


After that announcement, a lot of people were celebrating through different social media that they won and what a huge step against the evilness of oil companies this was, and that it was their victory because they all shared that arctic LEGO video.
I don´t get it.

There is no point in arguing about Shell´s activities in the arctic or anywhere else and what sacrifices are demanded for the petroleum promotion, but there is one thing that bothers me:

If Shell is so bad and needs to be banned from playrooms to avoid any positive associations with the brand, how can a plastic toy be cool and ok?
Those people fighting against Shell should also fight against LEGO, to be consistent.
Everything else is hypocritical.


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